Today I made: Shake & Bake Porkchops

Oh Shake and Bake, old commercials claim it’s so easy a kid can do it. Well I can attest that I handled Shake and Bake just fine!

Shake and Bake was never a fixture in my household, my Mum occasionally used it for Chicken Drumsticks, and nothing else. However, it was the star and savoir of my dinner tonight. In my never-ending quest to clear things out of my freezer, I thawed out some partially freezer burnt pork chops. I honestly thought at a cursory glance I had chicken in the freezer, but it was my less favoured friend Pork.

I’m never sure how I am going to prepare pork. My Mum always baked it in mushroom soup, and I never really cared for the result because as a child I didn’t care for mushroom soup, and no tasty browning takes place. Yes, you get a moist product, but I want something crunchy! So enters:

Shake and Bake Box

Italian! How Ethnic!

I bought it on a lark, hoping that it would live up to it’s monumental claims of juicy interiors, crispy exteriors, and exotic Italian flavours. Surprisingly it totally did! I will probably even buy it again, it was that tasty. Looks take a look at the process too while we’re at it!

First of all, it came with a bags! I was so happy that I didn’t have to waste one of my precious Zip-Loc freezer bags! Gosh I wish the good folks at Zip-Loc would read this and send me some free bags… but in the meantime here is a bag full of shake and bake and Pork:

Shake and Bake Bag

Decent Coverage!

And here is the result before baking, amazingly enough they *both* have faces. It’s almost as if I’ve got a Comedy and Tragedy going on, although one of them looks closer to Moonman than the other.

Shake and Bake Pork Chops

Comedy & Tragedy!

Now what we are al waiting for, the final delicious result:

Shake and Bake done

Oooey gooey rich and moisty inside, crunchy golden crispy bakey outside.

So if you’ve been avoiding/ignoring/eschewing Shake and Bake all these years, stop right now! It’s easy, possibly fun with children involved, and best of all it’s pretty tasty. Although my Mum just told me on Skype that she didn’t care for the Ranch flavour, I’m all for the Italian!

Get your Shake and Bake on! And for the record, roasted vegetables was the side dish, and a Kale Salad with blue cheese yoghurt dressing was served. A totally delicious practically effort free dinner!