Native Art in Allan Gardens

When water-main construction was necessary in the South-end of Allan Gardens, the ugly plywood cladding that city-dwellers are so used to went up. The construction should be on-going for 3 years, and took away from the natural beauty of the park.

However, Toronto city councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam & the Native community have turned lemons into lemonade by turning the cladding into a canvas. At least 6 murals are now wrapped around the cladding. The painting is still in progress, but many murals are ready to enjoy.

If you haven’t found the time or energy to go take a peek, then please enjoy these photosynths I took there today!

West Facing Mural at Allan Gardens

East Facing Mural at Allan Gardens

Close up of South Facing Mural at Allan Gardens

South East Facing Mural at Allan Gardens

North Facing Murals Part 1 & 2

North East Facing Mural (Work in Progress)


If you can’t view the Photosynths, make sure you’ve got Silverlight installed. It is a simple download and worry-free installation, and you probably already have it for Netflix!

If you’re curious about learning more about the initiative behind the mural, the Grid has a good write-up. As well, a commenter there left a link to a panorama he took of the South Facing wall which is much superior to mine.