Get a Starbucks Card

There are plenty of reasons to get a Starbucks card, but unfortunately a lot of people just view them as a gift card. Here are 4 compelling reasons (in order of importance), among several, to get a Starbucks card:

  1. It’s lightening quick. Reloading your card on line, or setting an auto-reload is dead simple. When you pay in the store, it’s a simple swipe. No debit pins, and no change. Although using credit at Starbucks is dead simple, this is netting you double rewards.
  2. Free Refills on Brewed products. Great if you camp out in Starbucks. For me, if I’m getting coffee with a friend, I get a refill as I’m leaving Starbucks for on the way home. It’s only for brewed products, but the easiest rule of thumb is to realize that you aren’t getting a refill on anything fancy/hand-crafted.
  3. A free drink or food item every 12 drinks. You’re simply not going to get this benefit without the card. It’s nothing fantastic, but you’re further ahead getting something free if you regularly go to Starbucks.
  4. A free drink or food item on your birthday. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their birthday at Starbucks.

For those who are leery about carrying yet another card in their wallet, you can use a Starbucks card digitally. iOS and Android have official apps, Windows Phone has an unofficial app. You don’t have to carry another piece of plastic with you, and you can look neat-o paying with your phone.

Starbucks Cards

Just a fraction of my collection

So there you have it, run out and get a Starbucks card at any Starbucks. Activate it online, and reap the rewards!