Starbucks Rewards have changed! Oh No!

Everybody hates change, but Starbucks are smart enough to present their change is a beautiful way. They open with the good news.

  • Free Drink Coupons are digital. Why they existed in the first place, who knows. I never complained about it, but I’m glad they overcame the limitation. Now a reward just appears on your card, and you can ask the Barista to redeem it. Way to go! This has to be the best improvement
  • Free Drink Coupons are earned in 12 stars, not 15. This strikes me more as a salve to make-up for what’s disappearing
  • Free Drink Coupons are now also good for food. Starbucks show in 2 ways that it is “Any Food. Whatever Looks Delicious”, but have a wonderful ** on it. Even they’ll use fineprint, and you see that it doesn’t include loaves, sets of bars or Starbucks Evening Menu items. This seems fair, I shouldn’t be entitled to an entire loaf or pack of bars. I have no idea what a Starbucks Evening menu item is, but it must be fancy. I think this benefit is more of a sneaky way to get people eating more food at Starbucks, and once you’ve had one of their nasty sandwiches (sorry, they don’t impress me much), you hopefully might want to start buying them

Now for the bad news, what we’re saying goodbye to:

  • Free Soy Milk and Syrup. Curse you Starbucks, @nothrien loves his soy milk. I love my syrup. I don’t get it that often, but I liked the option. It also helped me sell a lot of people on getting the Starbucks card
  • Free Tall with a Bag of Beans. Can’t say I have bought beans at a Starbucks more than a couple times, it doesn’t affect me that much. I don’t think a lot of people will get up in arms about this loss

Starbucks didn’t include this in the e-mail graphic, but when you click through they mention that “Birthday Drinks (and food), as well as free refills are sticking around”. I’m glad they mention they’re sticking around, but it makes me worry they may not be long for this world. The free refill is not something I use often either, but it’s cherished. I don’t camp in Starbucks, but I imagine it’s cherished by those that do.

So there you have it, at the end of the day I’m more upset about the loss of free soy and syrup than with these new benefits. Considering I don’t want any nasty sandwiches or cake pops.

I still heartily recommend the Starbucks though card, it doesn’t hurt to have it at all. Here are the images from the e-mail and their website for reference.